Friday, May 22, 2009

Kick n Whirl Carnival. RM98

new price Rm199.90. Now selling at RM98 only! 2 ball available.other missing . item in good condition. with music n light function.
Price include postage!

Baby Gift Set NEW. RM35

All item NEW except: Anakku warmer. Set include:-
- warmer - brand Anakku(USED .tali di tepi merekah sikit.but no tear.kalau jahit ok lh.condition lain masih cantik lagi.)
- pacifier holder.- brand saseme street. NEW
- rattle teatther - brand Disney. NEW
- training mug - brand pigeon. NEW
Price include postage. !!

Kanggaro RM15

Orie from aussie. soft n comfort! Price include postage.

Fabric Book. RM15

in great condition 9.5/10. Price include postage.

Dream Dazzle Table Set. RM78

with sound n light at the top of mirror. in good condition. missing drawer n one table cover (as see in photo.) price include postage.

Blues Clues Cubies Actuvity. RM39

all side can remove.teach over-under, day-night, open-close, front-back.with sound.
your child wily joy it!
Price include postage.

2 in 1 Activity Table. RM85

with music n great condition. missing phone n magnetic white board-writing not clear any more! table top can reverserble to be a learning table.
Price include postage.